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TCEQ Homepage
TCEQ Management Program for Nonpoint Source Water Pollution
TCEQ NPS Home Page
TCEQ NPS Public Education
TCEQ Storm Water Permits
TCEQ MS4 Permitting for Municipalities
TCEQ Clean Rivers Program

Arroyo Colorado
Arroyo Colorado
TCEQ Arroyo Colorado Watershed Protection Plan: Coordination
TCEQ Arroyo Colorado: A Watershed Protection Plan
TCEQ Arroyo Colorado: Surveying Recreational Uses
TCEQ Arroyo Colorado: A TMDL Project for Legacy Pollutants and Organics

EPA Resources
EPA Homeowner's Guide to Septic Systems (long guide)
EPA Homeowner's Guide to Septic Systems (short guide)
EPA Septic System Checklist
EPA NPS Outreach Toolbox

Educational Resources for Teachers and or Students
TCEQ Teacher's Guide to Environmental Education Resouces
USGS Water Resources Information
National Extension Water Outreach Education
EPA Office of Environmental Education
EPA Student Center
Exploring the Environment
Down the Drain