Regional Crime Victim Liaison Program

In 2017, the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council's Public Safety Department launched the first Regional Crime Liaison (RCVL) Program with funding from a VOCA Grant. The purpose of the program is to close the gaps in victim services by 1) supporting rural police departments who do not have a crime liaison; and 2) advocating for victims of crimes through eligible programs.

The RCVL Program staff collaborates with local law enforcements agencies, District Attorney offices and the various nonprofit organizations and agencies in Cameron, Hidalgo, and Willacy counties to help foster ways to sustain and improve services to victims of crime.

Victim Compensation:

Under Texas law, victims of crime are entitled to financial assistance. The funds are administered by the Crime Victims' Compensation Program under the Office of the Attorney General.

Who qualifies as a victim?
Who qualifies as a claimant?
A claimant is a person, other than the victim, who is:
• A victim who was injured or died because of the crime • Authorized to act on behalf of a victim who is a minor, incapacitated, or deceased
• Someone who came to the aid of a crime victim and was injured or died • Assuming the legal responsibility or paying crime-related bills
• First responders who were injured or died while responding to a crime • A dependent of a deceased victim
An injury can include physical or mental harm. • An immediate family or household member who requires crime-related mental health care

What crimes are covered?    
• Assault • Family Violence • Kidnapping
• Child Abuse • Hit and Run • Robbery
• Child Sexual Assault • Homicide • Sexual Assault
• DWI • Human Trafficking • Stalking
• Elder Abuse    
  *Identity theft and property crimes are not covered.

The following resources are available in the LRGVDC region. These resources include phone numbers, websites, and additional contacts for Victim Services.


Additional Resources: