"Road To Recycling"

Rio Grande Valley Regional Tire Collection Project

2019 Tire Collection - Saturday, April 27, 2019

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New for 2019!

Please visit https://cityflag.app/lrgvdc to access a new, online mobile friendly app that will provide an interactive map of collection sites and a citizen portal to report illegal tire dumping sites.

Please call (956) 682-3481 for more information.

Tire Disposal FAQs:

What harmful effects can illegally dumped tires cause?

Illegally dumped tires decreases the quality of life in our communities, impacting economic development and posing significant environmental and health risks to our residents.

This issue has become a severe epidemic causing hazards in our waterways, effecting flood-prone drainages areas and serving as breeding grounds for rodents and mosquitoes that carry harmful viruses.

Scrap tire piles can also be vulnerable to catching fire causing serious air quality issues from dense smoke and dangerous toxins.

Click here to learn more about the harmful impacts of illegal tire dumping.

What resources are available in the area to drop off tires for proper disposal?

Several entities across the Valley, both city administered and private business are available for residents of the region that accept tires for proper disposal. Please contact each entity for individual cost and details.

PENDING: A list of tire disposal resources will be posted soon.

What is local leadership doing about the issue of illegally dumped tires?

Illegally dumped tires is a huge problem for the entire Lower Rio Grande Valley, and to help address this issue, the Counties of Cameron, Hidalgo and Willacy and many cities throughout our region have partnered together with the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council to bring you the "Road to Recycling" Regional Tire Collection Project.

The project was launched in 2017 with three designated collection days in June, July and October. Through combined efforts of regional resources, over 42,000 used tires have been collected and properly disposed of!

Regional leaders will continue to implement strategies and resources to create sustainable, efficient tire disposal practices

Illegally dumped tires is a huge problem for the entire Lower Rio Grande Valley, but together we can all join the "Road to Recycling" and provide a safer and cleaner environment!