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If your agency plans to submit an application, at least one representative from your jurisdiction or agency must attend one (1) COG grant workshop..

January 14, 2020
9 AM - Homeland Security Grants Division

*Pre-registration not required; sign-in on day of workshop.

January 16, 2020
9 AM - Homeland Security Grants Division

*Pre-registration not required; sign-in on day of workshop.

LRGVDC-Kenneth Jones Executive Board Rm
301 W. Railroad St., Bldg. B
Weslaco, TX 78596

All jurisdictions/agencies that plan to submit a project application for the following FY2020-21 grants, must attend one (1) COG grant workshop. Failure to attend a workshop will result in an ineligible application, no exceptions.

*A representative can be any of the following: 1) an Authorized Official; 2) Project Director; 3) Financial Officer; or 4) an employee of the jurisdiction or agency who is involved with the grant project. A consultant or contracted grant writer cannot be the sole representative for the applying jurisdiction or agency.

Homeland Security

The LRGVDC Homeland Security staff is committed to assist the region's jurisdictions in the emergency planning process and homeland security grant administrative support. We have the commitment to promote emergency preparedness and ensure all of LRGVDC region's jurisdictions are prepared as possible for emergency responses.

Our mission is to provide assistance and support to local counties, city governments and first responders in formulating a regional strategy to access funding to address any disaster or major incident whether it is a natural act of God, man-made mishap or an act of terrorism.

Our goals are to:

  • Increase and enhance county and city emergency management planning.
  • Provide jurisdictions in the LRGV region with technical assistance necessary to meet their emergency preparedness needs.
  • Facilitate a coordinated plan of response to any weather related or terrorist incident.
  • Identify equipment, training and exercise needs in the region.
  • Identify areas of strength, weaknesses and possible threats to the region when dealing with disasters.
  • Ensure that all entities are advised of future funding opportunities and are prepared to apply for funding that will assist them in the coordinated plan of response to weather related or terrorist events.
  • Establish effective, mutually beneficial communication among the communities in the Lower Rio Grande Valley Council of Governments Region.
  • Mutual Aid Agreements- the LRGVDC will assist governments in the region in enhancing their collective emergency response capability by assisting each county and the cities including the independent schools districts (ISDs) within those counties in developing standardized mutual aid agreements.
  • National Incident Management System - the LRGVDC will assist local governments in adopting, developing and training on the National Incident Management System (NIMS).
  • Enhance the region's interoperability communications capability and attain a level 4 communications certification as mandated by the state.