FEMA Individual Assistance: How-To

Apply at www.disasterassistance.gov

If you require immediate health and safety assistance, please dial 9-1-1. Shelter information is available via an online app FEMA Mobile App. Quick needs can be found with contacts to the Texas Division of Emergency Management (512) 424-2138.

If your primary residence has sustained damage during the Hurricane Hanna or another declared emergency event you may qualify for assistance.

Steps To Apply:

1. Fill out application, click on this link, Disaster Assistance Application Website

2. Disaster Checklist. List of the information needed for the application.

3. An SBA application may be required if FEMA determines it is required by insurance.
SBA Application Site

4. House Damage Assessment.
FEMA will contract out a damage assessor to take a value assessment for the property, if the determined property requires inspection.

5. Funds then will be dispersed with instructions on the purpose for the money. A denial letter will be sent if the application does not qualify. Appeals can be made to reverse the decision.

Best Practice:

Continue to appeal for your funds if rejected. Fill out an SBA application (which most likely be denied if a homeowner) and follow the steps in the application.