Illegal Dumping

ILLEGAL DUMPING is a major issue in the Rio Grande Valley. It can cause major flooding which leads to damage of roads, homes, and vehicles. It can also lead to potential fires, as garbage tends to be flammable. Litter and illegal dumping are public safety problems because they attract rodents into our community. Rats, snakes, mosquitoes, and other pests can live in the garbage and transmit diseases to humans.

Illegal Dumping Facts

  • Causes soil and water contamination. Harmful chemicals and other materials that are dumped can contaminate our water. If you dump it, you’ll drink it!
  • Decreases property/community value.
  • Causes tax dollars to be spent to clean up some else’s trash and cannot be used for more urgent needs.

Ways to Fight Illegal Dumping

  • Report illegal dumping when you see it.
  • Dispose trash inside your neighborhood bins.
  • Participate in community clean up events (always follow safety clean-up rules).

Let's Make a Change
Encourage your community to do their part and dispose trash properly. If you encounter any illegal dumping in your in your community, contact your city or county immediately.

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