Community Development

The LRGVDC administers the State of Texas' allocation of Community Development Block grants for non-entitlement communities. As part of this effort, it supports the Regional Review Committee, a body appointed by the Governor with responsibility for identifying regional priorities and establishing scoring procedures for community development grant funds.

The program is administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). Click here to download applications and guides as well as general information regarding other programs or grants. The TDRA is dedicated to helping rural Texans strengthen their communities by providing funds for basic public facilities and infrastructure needs.

The RRC uses a standardized process for scoring and ranking applications, detailed in the LRGVDC Regional Review Committee (RRC) Guidebook.

Removal of Texas Review & Comment System (TRACS) Through State Administrative Rule Change

The Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council (LRGVDC) was the designated agency by the Governor's Office to review all applications affecting our region. It is through this process that the LRGVDC Professional Advisory Review Panel (PARP) managed all applications from the region and provided comments and guidance on applications.

The Office of the Governor (OOG) is no longer participating in the intergovernmental review process referenced under Executive Order 12372 signed by President Reagan in 1982. As a result, the federal Office of Management and Budget is removing Texas from their list of states that have a state single point of contact for intergovernmental review. This means that applications for funding are no longer subject to review under EO 12372.

In addition, the OOG adopted the repeal of Title 1, Part 1, Chapter 5, Subchapter B of the Texas Administrative Code which relates to the Texas Review and Comment System (TRACS). TRACS was designed to be a system where information related to grant funding and other activities could be shared with federal, state and local governments and those agencies could provide input on the proposed funding or activity. This system also assigned State Application Identifier (SAI) numbers to funding requests for tracking purposes. Since TRACS is no longer in operation and Texas is no longer participating in the intergovernmental review process, SAI numbers will no longer be assigned to applications for funding.

For more information, contact Ludy Saenz, Texas Review and Comment System Coordinator, at (956) 682-3481.