Police Academy

The Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council (LRGVDC) operates the Regional Police Academy with almost 50 years of experience administering training resources and programs for the development of qualified law enforcement officers throughout the region. LRGVDC Regional Police Academy utilizes a wide-variety of law enforcement instructors to provide a comprehensive, diverse academy, incorporating the expertise of some of the finest training officials in the region.

LRGVDC currently has partnerships with law enforcement agencies such as the Cities of Mission, Hidalgo, Edinburg, Harlingen and San Benito to provide instructors and training site locations that offer accessible day & night training locations across the Rio Grande Valley. Our primary goal is to provide a premier, valuable training resource for citizens of the area and produce highly qualified, professional law enforcement officers to serve and protect the citizens of the Rio Grande Valley.

Advisory Committee

Regional Police Academy Advisory Committee is required both by Texas law and by TCOLE administrative rule for all training providers and shall provide guidance on policy, procedures, admission, attendance, retention, curriculum and quality standards in compliance with all TCOLE rules and regulations. Members are comprised of law enforcement leaders, instructors and public advocate members appointed by LRGVDC Executive Director to provide important and critical input reflective of the highest quality and ethical standards.

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE)

The LRGVDC is a contracted training provider for the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement which is the regulatory agency responsible for overseeing training and governing requirements for Texas law enforcement officers, emergency 9-1-1 telecommunicators (dispatchers) and county jailers. The 2019 - 2021 training cycle began on 09/01/2019 and runs through 8/31/2021. During the training cycle, all TCOLE licensees (Peace Officers, Telecommunications Officers, and County Jailers) are required to complete professional development depending on the type of license held and the individual's proficiency certification level (Basic, Intermediate, Advance or Master). For additional information please visit, www.tcole.texas.gov

Professional Development

The LRGVDC Regional Police Academy routinely coordinates and administers professional development courses to fulfill statutory training requirements for Peace Officers, Telecommunicator Proficiency and County Correction Officers (Jailers). To register for in-service course look at our In-Service Catalog and send an email to the point-of-contact for the desired course you would like to attend.

For more information on Peace Officer Proficiency, please visit the Peace Officer Proficiency Certificates page, TCOLE webpage, Texas Peace Officer and Reserve page, Telecommunications Officers page, or County Corrections Officers (Jailers) page.

Additional Resources

Entrance Exams

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Basic Peace Academy

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Department Contacts

  • Monic Galvan - Project Management Specialist
    Office: 956-682-3481 ext. 194

    Victoria Barrera - Instructor
    Office: 956-682-3481 ext. 181

  • Police Academy Fax: 956.686.5379

TCOLE Offered Training

TCOLE #2106
Intermediate Crime Scene (40hrs)

Monday, Sept 12 - Friday, Sept 16 (8AM to 5PM)
Mission C.E.ED. Building
801 N Bryan Rd, Mission, TX
Registration: Lt. David Meza (dmeza0295@missionpolice.org)

TCOLE #7887
Interacting With Deaf & Hard of Hearing (4hrs)

Tuesday, Sept 20 (8AM to 12PM)
Mission C.E.ED. Building
801 N Bryan Rd, Mission, TX
Registration: Lt. David Meza (dmeza0295@missionpolice.org)

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