911 Program

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The LRGVDC boasts fully enhanced regional 911 system that exceeds state specifications. All counties now are covered by the Automated Number Identification/Automatic Location Identification (ANI/ALI) service. This service provides 911 telecomunicators not only with the telephone number of the caller but also the physical address and name of the occupant at that address. It also lets the telecommunicators know if a call is being made from a telecommunication device for the deaf.

In addition, software upgrades now provide numbers for wireless telephones. LRGVDC is working to provide rural residents the full benefits of the 911 service through a rural addressing project. This involves identifying each rural structure, assigning an address, and, if applicable, naming or renaming roads. The project is being carried out with the cooperation of local and county governments and the U.S. Postal Service.

An ongoing public education program on the 911 system targets Texans aged 60 and older, Spanish-speaking populations, hearing-impaired children and elementary children from pre-K to third grade. Information kits, videos, and costume presentations for children are available. Please contact the LRGVDC for details.